Contact Punkt 1 „Body tone and blessing“

mit Anjelika Doniy
20.-22. März 2020

Preis: Wochenende Fr-So 160 € / 135 € (Frühbucherrabbat bis zum 22. Februar 2020)

Freitag: 19h00-22h30
Samstag: 11h00-18h00
Sonntag: 10h00-17h00


Contact improvisation and more

Tone of the body is not a tension. Body tone is not a body tension
It is the movement of Life between birth and death. From 0 to 100.
It is not a tension between life and death.
A baby makes no effort. It is life itself. It is sleeping, waking up, crying, laughing, relaxed, trying to lift the head.
Life is moving it through the body, emotions, eyesight, hearing.
But the body, emotions, eyesight, hearing – all this is not what moves, this is what is moving.  Tone is what we want to explore.
When we’ve lost innocence of a baby, who lives  in freedom, simply in WHAT IS PRESENT
The adult body lives through
What  if we keep the intention to live and action as an expression of intention in tone –  from relaxation to unfolding of the spirit in all its power?
We are exploring relaxation from the concepts „tired“ and „lazy“ to „I express myself without judgments with love“.
This is a process. It cannot be learned. It can be passed through from moment to moment.
Where does thinking about myself end and

‘I am – true, alive and sensitive for changing surroundings,
smelling the air of changes, able to trust to intuition’ start?

Where does it not matter anymore how others see me? And who are these others and if they exist? There is only me – big and accepting.
Look at life in nature. Everything lives giving birth and letting go.
How is the survival happening? Life is intense but not tense.
We will study our tensions. May be this will help us to realize something through vision. To start letting go what stops life from flowing freely.
Body and mind become an adventure, riffles, waterfalls, geysers, or peace in the way of the dance.
If we are lucky, we’ll feel the emptiness, space in which all this „somatic soup“ is happening.
I promise to create conditions for the process.
Place, time, consciousness and feedback.
Fine thread of informal communication between what is and what we are experiencing.
This description of the workshop should not be clear.
That what becomes clarity –
is the Blessing.
This is what our meeting is about.

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Anjelika Doniy (RU)
I have studied to be a choreographer, I’ve been taught various skills of training and means of teaching the body of another person. In my “archive” there are many stage pieces from folk dance to ballet miniatures. My work in the Theatre has been the tastiest. The actors, direction and dramaturgy broadened my mind and my image of the dance art form. I began to see how the art of charming the audience is created.
Since I’ve met contact improvisation and the first CI teachers, I practice the art of de-educating the body of another person and disentangling the illusions about movement and dance.
I think that the human being is already perfect the way it is created, and I believe in nature and its laws. I dance, investigate and live in accordance with this vision.
I’m prompted in life by the ability to fall in love unconditionally and undoubtedly with people, movement, mountains, journey, ideas. This ability has helped me to learn everything that forms me right now. This is what teaches the others.
CI is the only dance that helps me leave the limits of personality and transform my consciousness. In this sense I’m the student, not the teacher. The better I learn, the more chances have the others to learn something near by me.
My special interest in contact improvisation is clarity. Clarity towards the practice. Honesty towards how do I move my weight in the space of Gravity. Attention towards clearing the dance from the personal. Letting things happen as they do.
I’m grateful for meeting such teachers as Nancy Stark Smith, Danny Lepkoff, Benno Voorham, Lisa Nelson, Ezsther Gal, Yaniv Mintzer, Jörg Hassman, Martin Keogh and many others.