Contact Punkte 2017 – „Divine trajectories of the body“

  • Fr, 07.04. – So, 09.04.2017
  • mit Anjelika Doniy
  • Zeiten: Fr 19-22:30, Sa 11-18, So 10-17
  • 160 € / 135 € (Frühbucherrabatt)

Die Contact Punkte bestehen aus fünf Wochenenden über das Jahr 2017 verteilt, jedes dieser Wochenenden ist von einem anderen CI-Lehrer und seinem Thema geprägt. Contact Improvisation lebt von ihrer Vielfältigkeit und von den unterschiedlichen Herangehensweisen – die Contact Punkte bieten eine Möglichkeit, dieses Spektrum näher kennenzulernen. Es gibt die Möglichkeit, nur an einem Wochenende mitzumachen, oder mehrere zu belegen.

Contact Punkte 2017

The dance begins with steps. The steps are made with our arms and legs. Each step is a dance with gravity and a movement toward the sky. Each step is full and complete in this moment of absolute presence. . This training is a meeting with our bodily self, our sensitivity, our ability to embrace what is new and to let go of the unnecessary. All sessions in this training are needed to give care to the body, and in exchange be gifted with the secrets of movement and self-expression. We will learn from ourselves, taking support from these laws, by which our uniquely created body moves, from safe childlike patterns on the ground to fearless jumps to the roofs:-) We will: – Warm up the body with diverse exercises and games – Relax the body with Release technique and bodywork – Explore breathing, listening, and seeing the movement – Practice body awareness through aikido – Learn about the body structure, the coherence of support and the flow of masses and tissues, the movement of liquids, the sensation of the skins We will integrate in the dance these structures, composition, the state of attention, authenticity, in the context of jams.

Anjelika Doniy: I have studied to be a choreographer, I´ve been taught various skills of training and means of teaching the body of another person. In my “archive” there are many stage pieces from folk dance to ballet miniatures. My work in the Theatre has been the tastiest. The actors, direction and dramaturgy broadened my mind and my image of the dance art form. I began to see how the art of charming the audience is created. Since I´ve met contact improvisation and the first CI teachers, I practice the art of de-educating the body of another person and disentangling the illusions about movement and dance. I think that the human being is already perfect the way it is created, and I believe in nature and it´s laws. I dance, investigate and live in accordance with this vision. I´m prompted in life by the ability to fall in love unconditionally and undoubtedly with people, movement, mountains, journey, ideas. This ability has helped me to learn everything that forms me right now. This is what teaches the others. CI is the only dance that helps me leave the limits of personality and transform my consciousness. In this sense I´m the student, not the teacher. The better I learn, the more chances have the others to learn something near by me. My special interest in contact improvisation is clarity. Clarity towards the practice. Honesty towards how do I move my weight in the space of Gravity. Attention towards clearing the dance from the personal. Letting things happen as they do. I´m grateful for meeting such teachers as Steve Paxton, Nancy Stark Smith, Danny Lepkoff, Benno Voorham, Lisa Nelson, Esther Gal, Alexandr Girshon, Yaniv Mintzer, Yorg Hassman, Martin Keo and many others.

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