Contact Punkte 2017 – “Space in between”

  • Fr, 05.05. – So, 07.05.2017
  • mit Leonardo Lambruschini
  • Zeiten: Fr 19-22:30, Sa 11-18, So 10-17
  • 160 € / 135 € (Frühbucherrabatt)

Die Contact Punkte bestehen aus fünf Wochenenden über das Jahr 2017 verteilt, jedes dieser Wochenenden ist von einem anderen CI-Lehrer und seinem Thema geprägt. Contact Improvisation lebt von ihrer Vielfältigkeit und von den unterschiedlichen Herangehensweisen – die Contact Punkte bieten eine Möglichkeit, dieses Spektrum näher kennenzulernen. Es gibt die Möglichkeit, nur an einem Wochenende mitzumachen, oder mehrere zu belegen.

Contact Punkte 2017

Visual space and perceived space. Space that determines a time frame. Borders that change, space that fits, the container that contains but at the same time is contained by and in space. This workshop offers a discovery in the space of dance, sharing a space, the space of communication. We will work through the body work practices bringing us back to the interior space and we will explore how these practices can lead to new possibilities of movement. In side the body outside the body, space without limits.
We will work and try to find that presence allowing to expand time and space, to get every little nuance and strengthen our intuitive perception of ourselves and our partners in space.
My aim is to awake and integrate into the dance: determination and letting go, holding up and going with the flow, fullness and the emptyness, proximity and distance. These are part of the qualities that will explore during the workshop. There will be time to dance, and we will use some technical elements without losing the status of a relaxed and dynamic body in the dance.
Be prepared to wait, to be lost, to leave, to start something new.

Leonardo Lambruschini: Attore, dancer and performer.
I met the theatre in my life at first, the dance has come in a second time. Then, with the Contact Improvisation, it was magic from the first moment. In the dance theater and the play came in. I dance as a student, as a teacher and as a performer, with the “thirst” to explore and let me surprise, for what is happening right in the passage between receive and return, say and hear. I love the creative process that leads people to formulate projects and actions that promote the movement as a form of artistic and personal evolution and social expression.
I am co-founder and Art Director at Spazio Seme (, an international cultural and arts center in Arezzo (Tuscany). In my center I create opportunities for research, I organize and manage festivals, intensive workshops, performances, artistic productions, residences. I elaborate and lead courses for children: ContaKids, PlayContact and Contact Improvisation for adults and students of Art and University Schools. I am one of the organizers of the ItalyContactFest – – international festival of Contact Improvisation.
I’m attracted from the places or contexts where different art forms meet, communicate and create something, beyond languages and differences. I am grateful to have met artists and masters like Angelika Donij, Nita Little, Leilani Weiss, Esther Gal, Claudia Schnürer, Martin Keoh, Itay Yatuv and many others.

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